New ePrescribe program can improve availability of pain medication for new admissions

We're excited to let you know about a new service that is now available from Allscripts – the ePrescribeTM Deluxe EPCS (electronic prescribing of controlled substances) program. This electronic solution can decrease the time required for physicians to provide controlled substance prescriptions to our pharmacy that are legally compliant and improve the availability of pain medication for your new residents.

This program ensures compliance with the DEA EPCS regulation by issuing a key fob token to each physician. Using the token provides proof of the physician's identity and allows him or her to electronically prescribe all controlled substances. ePrescribe Deluxe:

  • Eliminates the need for physicians to fax signed prescriptions for Schedule II controlled substance orders to our pharmacy, a process that can be time-consuming and frustrating for the physician, your staff, the pharmacy, and most importantly, the resident who is in pain.

  • Enables your nursing staff to notify a physician when a new resident arrives without a written, signed prescription for a controlled substance so that he or she can provide a prescription order for the required pain medication without the pharmacy having to call.

Because we believe that ePrescribe can help improve resident care, we are looking for a client community to pilot this program with our pharmacy. If you are interested in participating in our ePrescribe pilot, please contact Director of Pharmacy Jay Mandra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (630) 981-8091.

Additional information
To participate in our ePrescribe pilot, you will need to provide this program for your community's medical director to use. Your medical director will also need to provide his or her DEA license number, NPI number, and state license number, as well as the expiration dates. In addition, your medical director will be required to answer a series of questions to verify his or her identity and license information during the online registration process.