POS for IVs can save time for nurses using electronic health records

Symbria Rx Services offers a physician order sheet (POS) for IVs that identifies common protocols in a standing-order format. This type of POS for IVs sheet gives your nursing staff the ability to simply check a box to indicate IV line protocols, including IV line type, flushing orders, and dressing change instructions.


We've found that this tool can be especially helpful for communities that have transitioned to electronic health records (EHRs), such as Vision. Before EHRs, many nurses relied on POS for IVs sheets to obtain proper IV line orders from physicians and to follow recommended IV line protocols; however, these types of orders can be a challenge in the electronic environment. To provide an effective reminder for nursing staff to enter all orders necessary for proper IV line maintenance, we recommend using the information on our POS for IVs sheet to create standing orders and "order sets" for these types of IV order protocols.

Additional information
If you would like to learn more about using our POS for IVs sheet with EHRs – or about IV line protocols – please contact our Nurse Consultants at (800) 462-5760.


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