New Do Not Crush message provides guidance for skilled nursing communities

Some medications must remain intact before administration. In fact, crushing or cutting extended-release products can cause patients to initially receive an overdose of the drug – and to receive an insufficient level of medication to obtain the desired effect during the remainder of the extended-release timeframe. 

In response to feedback from our Skilled Nursing Best Practice Committee, we are developing a Do Not Crush message to be printed on medication packets for our skilled nursing client communities. During September, we will be adding the text shown below to all medication packets that contain drugs that must remain intact when given to residents: 

All client clinical directors and directors of nursing (DONs) are welcome to attend our quarterly Skilled Nursing Best Practice Meetings at Symbria Rx Services in Woodridge, IL. All clinical directors and DONs will receive an email invitation to our next meeting, which will take place on October 22, 2015. We hope to see you there!


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