Quarterly Preferred Drug Formulary changes

The Symbria Rx Services Preferred Drug Formulary is a valuable tool that helps your community manage its prescription costs. We update our Preferred Drug Formulary every quarter to help physicians choose medications that will effectively treat your residents' health conditions while controlling for cost.

This quarter, we have made the following significant updates to our Preferred Drug Formulary:

  • New generic Alzheimer's Agent: Memantine HCl. A generic equivalent for Namenda tablets is now available that provides a substantial cost savings over brand-name pricing – especially helpful in managing costs for Medicare A residents. We have added the new generic tablets as a preferred drug in the Alzheimer's Agents category of our Preferred Drug Formulary (replacing Namenda XR).

  • New, lower-cost Inhaled Anticholinergic Agent. We recently negotiated lower pricing for the Spiriva Handihaler institutional pack, which contains five doses per package at the same per-dose pricing as the 30-dose pack. We have added this product to the Inhaled Anticholinergic Agents category of our Preferred Drug Formulary because it provides a more cost-effective COPD treatment for short-stay Medicare A residents compared to Tudorza.

  • Toujeo® (insulin glargine [rDNA origin] injection) is a next-generation Lantus®. Like Lantus, Toujeo is a once-daily, long-acting basal insulin that is designed to improve glycemic control in patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes; however, Toujeo offers a concentrated form of Lantus insulin. Due to the risk of conversion errors – and the potential for greater expense for short-stay patients due to waste – we have included Lantus as a Preferred drug and Toujeo as a Non-Preferred drug in our formulary.

  • Humalog has released a new, concentrated strength of its fast-acting insulin called Humalog 200U/ml. Due to the high potential for errors with this medication, we will continue to include all Humalog strengths, including Humalog 200U/ml, as Non-Preferred drugs in our formulary.

For more information
If you have any questions or concerns about the updates to our Preferred Drug Formulary, please contact our pharmacists at (800) 462-5760.


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