Five key benefits of low rehab therapist turnover

At Alliance Rehab, we're fortunate to have a therapist turnover rate that is significantly lower than the industry average. In fact, during the first two quarters of our 2016 fiscal year, our average quarterly therapist turnover rate was only 3.74%. 

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This low turnover rate delivers significant benefits for your community and patients, including:

  • Provides continuity. Low turnover provides consistency for your patients and your community. Our low turnover rate also allows our therapists to become part of your community, which improves communication, increases accountability, and provides a sense of stability for your employees and the seniors in their care.

  • Improves patient satisfaction. When there is a low turnover rate, your patients can work with the same therapist throughout their treatment plan. This also allows our therapists to recognize any subtle changes that may occur in a patient's condition and allows them to modify the patient's treatment plan as needed to optimize outcomes.

  • Increases repeat patients. Some patients require rehab for multiple conditions during their lifetime, such as knee and hip replacements. Having a stable therapy team makes it much more likely that these patients will return to their therapist – and your community – the next time they need rehab.

  • Prevents staffing shortages. Replacing a therapist can be time-consuming due to the large number of therapist job openings today. A recruiting process that lasts for weeks – or months – can create additional workload for other therapists, which can lead to burnout, dissatisfaction, and more turnover. Our low turnover rate allows Alliance Rehab to avoid these types of staffing shortages.

  • Boosts referrals. Better patient outcomes lead to positive word-of-mouth that flows through neighborhoods, community groups, and churches. Being recognized as a skilled therapy provider that helps patients reach their goals will also lead to increased patient referrals from local hospitals and other referral sources.

"Our therapists stay with us because they enjoy working for an innovative company whose values match their own," says Alliance Rehab President John Callen. "They also want to work in the best senior living communities, and those communities are our clients."