New kit can help reduce use of anti-psychotics to treat behavior issues

A new tool is available that can help nurses treat resident behaviors such as agitation, crying, delirium, hallucinations, and yelling without anti-psychotic medication: the STOP LOOK LISTEN educational in-service kit. According to the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination, Avanir developed this kit with input from long-term care professionals to help nurses take appropriate action when residents exhibit disruptive behavior triggered by dementia or other neurological conditions.

This kit provides the following resources to help your nurses monitor patient behavior:

  • stoplooklistensquareEducational brochure. Outlines simple steps nurses can take when they are assisting a resident who is exhibiting disruptive behavior.

  • Pocket-sized reminder cards. Gives nurses easy access to information about disruptive behavior during their workday.

  • Poster. Reminds nurses about the actions they might want to take when a patient is exhibiting disruptive behavior.

  • Implementation guide. Provides a PowerPoint presentation with additional background information about disruptive behavior – and explains how the STOP, LOOK, LISTEN program can help nurses assist residents who exhibit this behavior.

  • USB drive. Includes a STOP LOOK LISTEN screensaver as well as downloadable files of the above resources that you can use to print additional copies.

Additional information
If you would like to request a copy of this kit for your community, please call Avanir at (855) 572-2722 or visit their website.


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