Skilled nursing communities can return medications that qualify for credit

To promote cost-effective drug therapy, Symbria Rx Services sometimes issues credit for returned medications from our skilled nursing communities. Our credit policy is designed to comply with both the law and pharmacy best practices. (Please note that current Pharmacy Practice Act regulations prohibit us from accepting returns for credit from assisted living or independent living communities.)

Medications that can be returned for credit within 60 days of dispense date include:

  • Unopened medication in resalable condition (e.g., items with the tamper-resistant seal intact, full bottles of product, unopened creams/ointments, etc.).

  • Individually wrapped items (e.g., patches, inhalation nebules, manufacturer-packaged unit-dose tablets/capsules, etc.).

  • Pre-filled syringes that do not require special handling (e.g., Lovenox/Enoxaparin).

  • Non-controlled, unit-dose strip medications (keep intact if possible).

  • IV supplies (e.g., tubing, dressing kits, etc.).

  • Unopened manufacturer premixed IV solution bags.

  • Unmixed minibag plus IV solution bags within 15 days of dispense date.

Medications that cannot be returned to the pharmacy include:

  • Schedule II, III, IV, V drugs: DEA regulations prohibit the return of controlled substances to the pharmacy for credit or destruction.

  • Expired medications.

  • Externally-compounded drugs.

  • Pharmacy-compounded/mixed IV solution bags.

  • Temperature-sensitive medication (that arrived in cooler) for which proper storage cannot be verified (e.g., Procrit or Aranesp).

There may be extenuating circumstances that would allow us to accept some of these items for credit. We encourage you to speak to a pharmacy supervisor to discuss the circumstances whenever you need to return an expensive item. We may also be able to authorize the return of a refrigerated item if you agree to ship the item back to us using a cold bag and ice packs provided by Symbria Rx Services.

Additional information
Please return any medications that meet the criteria for credit with a completed Symbria Rx Services Returned Medications Form. You may also process these returns via the FrameworkLink tile on MySymbria.


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