Pitman Manor rolls out SeniorFITness program

In the spirit of improving strength, balance, and mobility for older adults, United Methodist Homes of New Jersey (UMHNJ) recently celebrated the grand opening of a new SeniorFITness program at its Pitman Manor senior community in Pitman, NJ. Several SeniorFITness team members, including Director of Education and Program Development Dr. Thomas Sattler, attended this event, which included interactive presentations and a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the SeniorFITness gym.


The Pitman Manor rollout follows the implementation of SeniorFITness at several other UMHNJ communities, including Bristol Glen, Collingswood Manor, and The Shores. A resident at The Shores who has taken part in this program for several months commented, "Since participating in SeniorFITness, I've noticed a higher stamina and an ability to perform daily activities such as walking and getting up from a chair with minimal assistance."

SeniorFITness is a multidisciplinary wellness program led by professional exercise physiologists. The program provides a wide assortment of fun and functional activities that improve strength, mobility, and balance, which is one of the keys to preventing falls as people age. Staying active is also crucial to maintaining a high quality of life, even at an advanced age.

Adapted from Pitman Manor rolling out SeniorFITness Program


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