How to increase resident satisfaction by taking a deeper dive into survey data

Many factors contribute to resident satisfaction. Taking a deeper dive into the demographic data that your survey company provides – such as average scores based on gender, age, and length of stay at your community – can help you determine if you need to take action to improve resident satisfaction.

If action planning is required, we recommend using a Focus Survey or group to learn what you can do to enhance the experience of different groups of residents. For example, conducting a focus group may help you find out that:

  • Male residents with low satisfaction scores are simply not interested in the type of activities that your community currently offers. You can ask focus group members to tell you what types of activities they would like to do, such as daily card games or playing golf with other residents.

  • Long-term residents may have issues with their living environment after spending several years at your community. You could discover that taking a small action – such as a providing a new coat of paint or cleaning the carpets in long-term residents' apartments – would increase satisfaction significantly.

  • Activities that 85-year-old residents enjoy may not appeal to residents who are 20 years younger. This information can help you plan simple activities that more physically-capable residents will appreciate, such as daily group walks or Wii Sports tournaments.

It is also important to consider how many people are in each demographic group. If you have 10 residents in their early 60s and 100 residents in their late 80s, do not refocus your strategy to increase the satisfaction of 10 younger residents in ways that may decrease the satisfaction of the 100 older residents.


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