Infographic provides guide to consumer mailings from CMS, SSA, and plans

It's often said that "the only constant is change." This is especially true when it comes to Medicare insurance plans and benefits.

CMS, the Social Security Administration (SSA), and health plans mail dozens of notices each year to communicate important changes that Medicare beneficiaries need to know about. These mailings include:

  • Plan marketing materials. Plans send marketing materials to Medicare beneficiaries before open enrollment begins each year. Your residents can use this information to compare their options.

  • Social Security Benefit Rate Change Notice. The SSA sends this notice to explain benefit payment changes for the coming year due to cost of living increases and other factors.

  • The "Medicare & You" Handbook. This CMS handbook includes a summary of Medicare benefits, rights, and protections, lists of available health and drug plans, and answers to common questions.

The following infographic, based on a guide published by CMS, provides an overview of all annual mailings, including the timing, sender, and any action the beneficiary needs to take. We hope this will be a helpful tool when you counsel residents about their Medicare Part D benefits.


Additional information
If you would like to share this infographic with your residents, please download it now. Our pharmacy also offers free Medicare Part D plan consultations to help your patients select the best plan to meet their needs. For more information about this service, please contact Director of Billing Services Kathy Prez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..