New Symbria Rehab program takes therapy and exercise to the fifth power

Symbria Rehab recently launched a new program to give our skilled-nursing clients a significant competitive advantage: Tx5. Based on the innovative Day Rehab Program offered by many leading rehabilitation hospitals, Tx5 helps accelerate short-term patients' rehab and recovery by providing therapy followed by intermittent exercise sessions throughout each day of their stay to enhance functional recovery, strength, fitness performance, and safety.

Tx5 is ideal for skilled-nursing patients who plan to return home following a short-term stay at one of our client communities. Patients who participate in this intensive program – instead of traditional rehab – will be measurably stronger and safer upon discharge because Tx5 provides the power of five daily sessions of therapy and exercise.

  • Unlike traditional rehab programs where patients receive therapy only once per day, Tx5 provides therapy sessions as well as separate and distinct exercise activities led by our trained Certified Fitness Specialists. The powerful combination of up to five combined sessions of therapy and exercise every day will better prepare patients to be stronger and safer at home.

  • Tx5 measures key outcomes tied to each patient's rehabilitation goals, as well as distinct fitness performance goals that are designed to improve the patient's overall strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, safety, wellness, and fitness performance. In addition to measuring gains in functionality, we measure length of stay in the program, hospital re-admission percentages, and patient satisfaction scores.

All payer groups, including ACOs, bundled-payment programs, Medicare, and managed-care organizations will benefit from the improved clinical outcomes, gains in overall strength and fitness performance, decreased length of stays, lower hospital re-admissions, and increased patient satisfaction that this program provides.

Additional information
SeniorFITness staff will encourage all Txparticipants to return to our client communities for continued training and exercise sessions as a "Community Fitness Center Member." If any clients inquire about this new program, please ask them to contact their Symbria Rehab Regional Director.


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