MedSafe provides an easier way to destroy unused controlled substances

To promote cost-effective drug therapy, Symbria Rx Services sometimes issues credit for returned medications from our skilled nursing communities. EPA rules restrict our ability to transport waste back to our pharmacy, which limits our options for disposal. As a result, it is our policy to not take an item back unless it's a creditable item. However, a new service makes it possible for your nursing staff to safely dispose of unused drugs – without having to spend time removing pills from packaging or mixing medication with kitty litter.

medsafeWe've partnered with Sharps to make the MedSafe disposal system for unused medication available to our client communities. MedSafe collects controlled (Schedules II-V), non-controlled, and over-the-counter medicines using a stainless-steel collection receptacle with a removable, prepaid-shipping liner. To see a full list of items that MedSafe accepts, please view the MedSafe Medication Disposal flyer.

When the liner is full, authorized employees can easily remove it, seal it, and return it via UPS. Returned liners are incinerated, which is a DEA-preferred method of disposal that renders the content non-retrievable. MedSafe also meets all requirements of the DEA Controlled Substances Act. 

Additional information
Please note that this is a voluntary program, which requires a monthly fee to participate. To learn about program pricing, please contact Chief Operating Officer Jay Mandra at (630) 981-8091 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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