Enhanced 401(k) website will make completing transactions more convenient

If you participate in the Symbria 401(k) plan, you'll notice some changes the next time you log in to your account online. Our plan administrator, Securian Retirement Services, is currently working to create a new and improved website.

The new website will feature a responsive design that will make it possible for you to access tools and information across a broad range of mobile devices – and to complete many1 of your 401(k) transactions using a smartphone. Securian is rolling out the enhanced website in two phases.

  • During Phase 1 in October, Securian launched a new login page:


  • During Phase 2 in November or December, Securian will launch the new website, which will provide an enhanced user experience when you review account information and complete transactions online.

Please note that you do not need to take any action to continue using the Securian Retirement Center website. Just enter your current user ID and password the next time you log in – you'll be taken to the new website automatically when it is available for Symbria participants to use.

Additional information
Securian will provide additional updates about the new website via the monthly Coordinates email newsletter and the quarterly statements it provides to participants.

1 401(k) deferral elections or changes must still be submitted through Exponent HR.