New inQ Experience Surveys website makes it easier to order surveys

We're pleased to announce that customers can now order surveys online! Our new inQ Experience Surveys website offers:

  • inq-ecommerce-siteA Survey Store. Provides samples of surveys and reports that customers can view before they place their order.

  • An inQ process overview. Explains the advantages of inQ Experience Surveys, including a choice of eSurvey or paper formats, unmatched responsiveness, and reliable benchmarking data.

  • Reporting highlights. Previews our robust reports, which include a statistically validated Net Promoter Score® that indicates how likely respondents are to recommend the customer's community.

  • Easy Savings Code entry. Allows members of participating organizations to enter Savings Code(s) right on the home page.

This website allows customers to save their contact information and any applicable Savings Code(s) for future purchases – and view a history of all previous orders. It also features "device-responsive" design that automatically resizes content to display properly on a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

"We strive to make the survey process as easy as possible for our customers," says Symbria Analytics Chief Information Officer Rich De Jong. "We hope that this mobile-friendly website will make it more convenient for customers to order surveys, whether at work or on the go."