Corporate compliance corner

By Corporate Compliance Officer Ed August

As part of our company's ongoing efforts to educate employees about the importance of safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI), this edition of the Corporate Compliance Corner defines PHI, shares some common examples of PHI, and provides some vital practices you must use when sending PHI via email, phone, or fax.


New kit can help reduce use of anti-psychotics to treat behavior issues

A new tool is available that can help nurses treat resident behaviors such as agitation, crying, delirium, hallucinations, and yelling without anti-psychotic medication: the STOP LOOK LISTEN educational in-service kit. According to the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination, Avanir developed this kit with input from long-term care professionals to help nurses take appropriate action when residents exhibit disruptive behavior triggered by dementia or other neurological conditions.


CMS proposes adding respiratory therapy to specialized rehabilitative services in LTC

In July, CMS proposed a new rule that would that would revise the requirements of participation for LTC communities. The Medicare and Medicaid Programs: Reform of Requirements for Long-Term-Care Facilities rule represents a comprehensive revision, which proposes the addition of new requirements to improve patient safety and the quality of health care furnished through federal programs. Part of the changes covered by the proposed rule is the addition of respiratory services to those services identified as specialized rehabilitative services. The comment period for the rule closed on September 14, 2015.


Survey says: Chicago senior center participants give SeniorFITness high marks

As part of our focus on continually improving the service that we provide, Alliance Rehab distributes an annual experience survey to our SeniorFITness participants. This year, we're excited to report that we earned especially high marks from participants in programs administered by the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services at 55 senior centers across the city.


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