New Do Not Crush message provides guidance for skilled nursing communities

Some medications must remain intact before administration. In fact, crushing or cutting extended-release products can cause patients to initially receive an overdose of the drug – and to receive an insufficient level of medication to obtain the desired effect during the remainder of the extended-release timeframe. 


POS for IVs can save time for nurses using electronic health records

Symbria Rx Services offers a physician order sheet (POS) for IVs that identifies common protocols in a standing-order format. This type of POS for IVs sheet gives your nursing staff the ability to simply check a box to indicate IV line protocols, including IV line type, flushing orders, and dressing change instructions.


New ePrescribe program can improve availability of pain medication for new admissions

We're excited to let you know about a new service that is now available from Allscripts – the ePrescribeTM Deluxe EPCS (electronic prescribing of controlled substances) program. This electronic solution can decrease the time required for physicians to provide controlled substance prescriptions to our pharmacy that are legally compliant and improve the availability of pain medication for your new residents.


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