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Use inQ Experience Surveys to discover how – and what – to improve

inQ is about experience – positive and negative – and we're about action. We tell you what your community is doing right, so you can keep on doing it. And we tell you where your stakeholders say you can improve, so you can zero in on solutions.

We cut through the clutter and use our experience and expertise to illuminate the meaning behind the numbers we deliver to you. Armed with this knowledge, you and your team can get down to business sharpening your competitive edge.

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Build sustained success with data-driven insight.

Accelerate your quality improvement progress.

inQ Experience Surveys:

  • Focus on what matters. Our surveys employ a proprietary Net Promoter Score® approach that targets the particular factors with the biggest impact on stakeholder experience in your community.
  • Maximize survey validity. Our best-practices survey design process incorporates feedback from clients, our user best-practices committee, our own benchmarks, and the expertise of respected survey design partners from leading academic centers.
  • Measure consistently year-to-year. Our surveys are thoroughly tested for reliability to assure that benchmarking comparisons are meaningful and consistent.



The inQ Marketing Report can tell your satisfaction story.

  • Reporting to help achieve your marketing objectives.  Our high-impact easy-to-read marketing report highlights your community's strengths, actively supporting outreach to referral sources as well as prospective residents and patients and their families.


Choose the format that works best for your community.

Surveys are available in paper or electronic formats, including desktop, tablet, or smartphone.



We deliver intuitive, meaningful, cost-effective results. We'll show you how to use the data-driven insight that inQ Experience Surveys provide to build sustained success.

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