When you don’t know what you don’t know…here’s how you find out.

Symbria’s Analytics Reporting Suite gives your management team knowledge through valuable data and, with robust analytics, turns that knowledge into power. You gain accurate, reliable insight into your position in your market – as well as unmatched guidance for census development, targeted marketing, competitive positioning, quality improvement, and more.

These reports offer both a comparison against your competition for hospital referrals as well as crucial quality outcome measures and other relevant factors, including 30-day hospital readmissions, length of stay, CMS 5-star ratings, and claims cost. They profile referrals from your physician base and provide cost and clinical outcomes driven by physicians and soon will offer physician report cards based on post-acute physician practice standards.

When you have questions like these, Symbria’s Analytics Reporting Suite gives you answers you can count on:

Are we getting the share of referrals we think we’re getting?

You have a good relationship with St. Somewhere Hospital, receiving a fairly steady stream of admissions. You believe you’ve been successful in establishing your position with this referral source and assume your skilled nursing community is at or near the top of their list.

Can you truly confirm your place on St. Somewhere’s list? And if you’re not near the top, can you determine what might be the reasons why?

Symbria’s Hospital Insights: Referral Patterns report can give you these answers and more. (A sample chart is below.)



Do you know how the physicians practicing in your community are influencing your critical metrics?

One physician who routinely delays the discharges of her patients can drive up your average length of stay enough to keep you out of the top tier for a referral source.

At the same time, a physician who typically discharges too early can increase your community’s rehospitalization rate and drop your ranking among referral sources.

Symbria’s Physician Outcomes report can help you identify outlier physicians and give you the data you need as a basis for discussion.



Your community offers an innovative pulmonary rehab program. Is it generating the attention it deserves?

The confluence of rehospitalization data, length of stay, quality metrics, and clinical complexity combined with regression analysis and risk stratification yields sophisticated results.

Our Hospital Insights: Referral Patterns Plus report delivers those sophisticated results. It offers a clear, visual picture that can tell a story of differentiation and outcomes. It also provides an objective “why,” putting factors like length of stay and readmission rates in context when your patient population is more medically complex.


Contact us today to learn how Symbria’s Analytics Reporting Suite can give you the objective data analyses you need to unlock your organization’s success potential.