Independent Living

Convenient medication management programs that keep residents independent longer.

Our independent living medication management programs can provide peace of mind for your residents. It also helps ensure medication adherence, which is a critical issue for all independent living communities.

Studies show that residents who use medication management tools or systems can avoid hospitalizations and age in place longer than those who do not because:

The Symbria Rx Services independent living programs can help your community address these issues – and keep residents independent longer: 

  • MyTYMTM programcomprehensive-medication-management for ordering, delivery, and refills keeps residents on the right track by providing free, timely delivery of all medications to the community. As part of this program, our pharmacy seals all medications in multi-dose packets, sorts them by date and time, and places them in a dispenser box that is easy for your residents to use.

  • Reliable delivery. When residents begin the MyTYM program, we “sync” their medications so they all refill at the same time. Then, regular refill deliveries arrive twice a month. We deliver to the community once or twice a day—and we fill emergency orders on request. We also keep track of prescriptions that are about to expire and let residents know that they’ll need to contact the prescriber for a refill.
  • Responsive customer service. MyTYM Customer Specialists are pharmacy technicians with extensive experience working with seniors, and a pharmacist is always available for questions 24/7 all year long.
  • Symbria telepharmacy
  • Telepharmacy consulting. We have a strong focus on telehealth, and it is part of our mission to bring the pharmacist back into the lives of residents. If residents have questions when they receive their medications, they can request a private video consultation with a pharmacist.
  • Dispense-to-Home program for post-rehab residents provides a supply of discharge medications in multi-dose strip packaging that will last until the resident's next doctor appointment. Our pharmacy bills the dispensed medication to the resident's insurance plan – and bills co-pays to the resident or responsible party.

Contact us today to find out how our independent living programs can help improve patient outcomes, lower hospital readmissions, and keep your community's independent living residents independent longer.



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