Comprehensive Rehab

Symbria Rehab is a single source for rehab solutions across the care continuum. 

We know how much outcomes matter for your residents and patients – and for the sustainable success of your community. That’s why we approach rehab from a payer perspective and focus on helping to drive the success of post-acute and senior-living providers in today’s value-based purchasing environment.

comprehensive rehabilitation
Our highly experienced therapists take a compassionate, individualized approach to working with patients and residents.

Results that set your community apart.

Symbria is responding aggressively to address issues like length of stay, census-building, and compliance. Our expert team – experienced, innovative corporate and regional management as well as thousands of therapy and fitness professionals serving hundreds of communities across the country – partners with your management and clinical staff to deliver programs that increase quality ratings, control costs, and document the outcomes payers want to see.

Here’s how our comprehensive rehabilitation and wellness services deliver business- and life-changing results that set your community apart with patients, referral sources, and payers:

  1. We tailor offerings that fit your patient population, taking advantage of our full spectrum of physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapy, as well as prehab, injury prevention, post-rehab wellness, and other programs.
  2. We help minimize hospital readmissions with our physiatrist-guided services – driven by clinical best practices – that measurably improve senior functional capability.
  3. We support census retention and growth by demonstrating added value to family, and referral decision-makers with our ability to seamlessly transition your residents from rehab to home health, outpatient, and wellness.
  4. We help strengthen your relationships with hospitals through our specialized programs, such as respiratory therapy and pulmonary rehab, which facilitate admission of higher-acuity residents.
  5. We maximize clinical outcomes and organizational resources by using effective case management to make sure your patients receive the right therapy for the right reason for the right amount of time.
  6. We keep staff turnover low and patient satisfaction high by matching our highly qualified therapists and wellness team members with fulfilling career opportunities.
  7. We reinforce quality assurance and minimize time-consuming, revenue-draining Medicare denials with state-of-the-art compliance documentation, thorough auditing, and clinical outcomes reporting.


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