Outpatient Therapy

Meet residents’ outpatient therapy needs on your campus.

Gain a competitive edge for your community by partnering with Symbria to offer on-campus outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy to your residents.

An on-campus Outpatient Therapy program delivers these tangible benefits:

  • Census growth. Providing a full complement of services to residents sets your community apart from competitors, attracts potential future residents, and supports your efforts to pursue referrals.

  • Resident satisfaction. Eliminating the need to travel to conventional outpatient therapy providers contributes to your community’s convenient lifestyle – and keeps your residents happier and more likely to recommend you.

  • True continuity of care. Our on-campus outpatient therapy program extends your therapy continuum beyond short-stay rehab or skilled nursing therapy and promotes better clinical outcomes for your residents.

  • Support for aging in place. Our outpatient therapy team will help your residents avoid hospital stays and improve quality of life through treatment and prevention education for the most prevalent issues and conditions such as balance and fall risks, chronic pain, and congestive heart failure.

Symbria Rehab manages outpatient therapy clinic programs throughout the country. Using a space no bigger than a studio apartment, our quality rehab services deliver impressive outcomes.

The Outpatient Therapy program includes:

  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy

  • All operational management including staffing, scheduling, and billing

  • Regulatory and Medicare compliance

  • Specialized clinical programming for the geriatric population, such as post-surgical orthopedic rehab, neurological rehab, balance programs, incontinence, pain management, and more

  • Outpatient at home services for residents unable to come to the therapy gym

Contact us today to explore how you can establish an outpatient therapy clinic on your campus.



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