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Case Study – Ease of Transition 



Let’s face it; change can be hard. Pharmacy transitions are no different and, in many cases, the thought of changing can be enough to keep you in a less than ideal situation. In this study, we will discuss how painless a successful transition can be with the right pharmacy partner.

The challenge

Plymouth Place is a retirement community in La Grange Park, Illinois, offering senior living services in a wide spectrum of care levels for more than 70 years. They had been unhappy with the performance of their pharmacy provider but continued to give them opportunities to improve. One of the reasons they took this course of action was reluctance to go through such a major change, involving several levels of care. The burden associated with switching vendors is one of the most common reasons for resisting change. In such cases, facilities often choose to stick with what they know rather than face the seemingly difficult task of making the switch to a better solution. While they had been dissatisfied for some time, Plymouth Place had finally and irreversibly reached their tipping point and committed to making a change.

“We needed to make sure that our patients are receiving the proper medication and, ultimately, that is why we had to make a change,” stated Jackie Terpstra, Administrator of the Health Care Center at Plymouth Place. It was apparent that accuracy concerns, coupled with a lack of responsiveness, were the critical drivers that compelled Plymouth Place to get over their reluctance to change and make the transition to Symbria to improve results.            

Symbria’s solution

One of the most obvious ways to ensure a smooth transition is through frequent and thorough communication. Symbria's pharmacy consultants maintained consistent contact with Plymouth Place and trained the staff accordingly to ease the


transition. They educated the team on various services including medicine dispensing systems, medication packaging, equipment – such as IV Pumps, eMAR technology systems that allows barcode scanning, and educational tools such as the Symbria portal, training guides, and pharmacy policies to stay compliant with CMS regulations. The community staff underwent this thorough training and were prepared and felt very comfortable leading up to the switch. Symbria’s nurse consultants were on-site for the go-live day, to ensure a smooth transition and to answer any questions immediately.

A comprehensive transition plan is a major part of ensuring the processes and recommendations are implemented smoothly. At Symbria, we leverage a very detailed plan that assists with staying on target with all of the different aspects of the process, preparation, and planning. To ensure a seamless transition on the change-over day, Symbria’s on-site support was also in direct contact with the pharmacy and were able to provide a swift transition with no delay in patient care. Jackie emphasized, “Things went well! There were two pharmacists from Symbria on-site to facilitate the support and deliver the very few medications that were missed in the cross-over. Symbria was able to expedite and get medications to us in a timely manner. The medication carts were completely set up ahead of time which was extremely helpful. The on-site support was very positively received.”

The staff at Plymouth Place was pleased and grateful for the smooth transition. Their community nurses expressed that the Symbria pharmacy is extraordinarily accurate, and the pharmacists are highly responsive to issues that arise. Overall the community is more than satisfied and wished they would have made the switch sooner.

Don’t continue to accept average service because you believe switching is too difficult. Symbria’s proven success with easing your transition can get you past the fear of making the change and on to better patient care.

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