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10 Ways to Prevent Medication Errors

10 ways to prevent medication errors

According to the Mayo Clinic, medication errors injure hundreds of thousands of people a year in the United States. These errors are also a significant source of survey tags for skilled-nursing providers.

Fortunately, there are simple solutions that can address the root causes of many medication-related errors – and minimize or eliminate them altogether. This guide explains what you can do to prevent 10 common medication errors, including how to:

  • Stay educated on devices such as the numerous – and complex – insulin pens that have become an easy target for state surveyors.
  • Minimize med-pass interruptions by using basic strategies to avoid distractions and allow nurses to work quickly and carefully.
  • Ensure your dispensing system provides a safe solution for residents along with the capabilities nurses need to increase efficiency.

Download your free guide now to discover how making a series of relatively straightforward, low-cost changes can help reduce the number of medication errors at your skilled-nursing community.


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